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Welcome to Galtres Garden Village - York

A partnership to deliver new homes that York needs.

Galtres Garden Village is a unique opportunity to address the significant shortfall of the housing that is needed in the City of York. It is unique in that it can deliver a viable and flexible solution, working with the City of York Council and Homes England, with capacity to create a new community that embraces the needs of the elderly, key workers and working families wanting to live affordably in York.

After years of planning and scrutiny the proposal takes into account previous public consultation and input. With landscape and environment at the heart of its design and the Rowntree legacy of ‘Community First’ reflected throughout, it opens access to natural country parkland and embraces health, wellbeing and harmonious living. Galtres Garden Village is a critical project for the future of York city housing to help ensure that locals who live in York can stay in York, whatever their circumstances.


Who is behind it?

Galtres Garden Village is proposed by Galtres Garden Village Development Company which is a consortium of local landowners and consultants with local interests at heart. It is a team of highly experienced professionals that are intent on working with the City of York Council to deliver the scheme.

Perhaps uniquely it is capable of delivering these homes immediately, helping to address the critical shortage of housing in York NOW.

What does it propose?

Galtres Garden Village is a proposed development of land to the north of North Lane and Monk’s Cross and includes the delivery of up to 1740 new homes that can be delivered over the next ten years.

Crucially, this includes a 30% allocation (over 500 units) of affordable homes and pays particular attention for homes for the elderly, those with a disability, key workers and first-time buyers.

It will offer mixed tenure housing with a variety of home ownership and rented options and includes a varied selection of house types, from bungalows to larger detached properties. Modern amenities will support this new settlement: a care village for retirement living, a community hub, village green and recreation facilities as well as a school, surgery and shops. The ‘Garden Village’ concept is embraced throughout with a landscape-led design which draws upon the classic Rowntrees philosophy of creating a Garden village with a community atmosphere, linked to healthy living, training and education.

What impact will it have on the local area?

The team has listened to what Councillors and York citizens are saying about what they want to see from new development in the Local Plan. This is a scheme that is right for York and for the Local Plan:

Residents agree that York does need new homes and this proposal is one of few that will have minimal impact on York’s unique beauty. The scheme takes land which is currently closed and private making it open and accessible to all. It will create a new country park and work with the landscape keeping old hedgerows and water courses.

The team will work closely with the Council to address traffic and congestion and maximise the benefits of widening the ring road in this area. It will use the A64 as a key access road encouraging traffic away from Earswick and Huntington and residents will have easier access to the superb Vanguard shopping facility at Monk’s Cross.

Building in this proposed location takes the homes away from the ring road and uses land fronting North lane near the A64. The new homes will be out of sight from existing villages of Huntington and Earswick and travellers using the ring road. This is not a case of urban sprawl; the new community will sit neatly in its own environment.

But at the heart of the designs is the Green agenda. The Garden village approach emphasises the ‘human’ nature of village life. Certainly, the green routes, pathways and flora will be central to the designs but so will the creation of the village facilities and transport links. These all make towards a self-contained community able to access services without making unnecessary journeys .

Why is it important that I support this?

The City of York has a critical shortage of housing and is under pressure by the Government to address a significant shortfall, particularly for an ageing population and the lower paid.

The proposed draft development pipeline does not deliver against these pressures and the current Local Plan is under scrutiny to redress this.

The Galtres Garden Village Development Company is working hard to have its proposed development included in the revised Local Plan that will be finalised in March 2018 for a public enquiry in May 2018.

It is inviting the Council to participate in the design, specification and delivery of the village so that housing provision serves those that need it at affordable prices or arrangements. The development will ultimately become a long-term asset to the city of York and its citizens.

Furthermore, it is able to start the process immediately to help alleviate the current crisis.

This proposes an immensely powerful partnership with the City of York Council and Homes England that can deliver a huge variety of homes on land available now.

Meet the team

The Galtres Garden Village Development Company is a consortium of local landowners and property consultants with local interests at heart. It is a team of highly experienced professionals that are entirely focused on working with the City of York Council and key stakeholders to deliver Galtres Garden Village.

Martin Hawthorne

Martin has worked in housing development for over 20 years and most recently has overseen the construction of over 3,750 homes across Yorkshire and the North East.

He was formerly a Director working for the Housing Association which delivered the hugely successful Discus bungalow scheme at Regent Street and Richmond Street in York. During this role he pioneered the idea that working families on modest incomes should be able to access low cost rented home initially, and buy later when they were able.

The Discus scheme became a leading example of how public and private sector organisations can work together to deliver affordable housing for sale, rent, shared ownership and ‘rent-now-buy-later’ for the very elderly and families alike.

Martin led the team to build nearly 200 much needed new homes in just 3 years in the heart of the city, working with the local community around some challenging issues. The scheme was praised by officers from Government for its wide-ranging commitment to quality, flexibility and focus on the real needs of local York residents. It was considered such an exemplary project that BBC radio 5 live and Sky TV both ran reports on the development.

Martin holds a degree, a post graduate diploma in Housing and is a member of the Chartered institute of Housing.

Stuart Roberts

Stuart is a successful local businessman having established Streamline Shipping Group in 1981 and remaining at its helm for over 36 years. He is still Chairman of the family run business and takes an active role on the company’s development. He is particularly skilled at operational practices, financial management and corporate governance.

Stuart and his family live adjacent to the proposed development site in Galtres and as such he holds particular interest in ensuring that any future development is in keeping with the local area and enhances the countryside. As part land owner he is keen to promote the site as one which will enhance the housing offer to York residents with homes suitable for all budgets with a variety of tenures.

It is Stuarts ambition to leave a personal legacy with a new housing community within a fantastic environment that all citizens of York can enjoy.

David Sherry

David is a life-long citizen of York and has an admirable dedication to seeing the city grow in a sustainable and beautiful way.

He started his working life as a bricklayer, working for his father’s building company Ted Sherry Builders and there he learned from basic principles in the art of construction, development and building homes for sale.

David understands the York market intimately and now runs his own construction company, Ideal homes. He has overseen the construction of thousands of homes in and around York.

He is a keen sportsman and naturalist and as a local farmer he understands the critical balance needed between preservation and future planning. He recognises the opportunities for York to thrive as a city and how new housing is critical to this, but can uniquely relate to respectful development and he brings this ethos into the Galtres Garden Village concept.

David was the first to see the potential for improving out of town retail offers for the people of York and, working alongside Peter Smith created the platform which was once known as Monks Cross Shopping Centre and the Vanguard Shopping Centre.

Tara Smith

Tara is a Director of Dartstone Properties in York which is a stakeholder of Galtres Garden Village. She is an expert in commercial and residential development and property investment and is currently expanding a portfolio of elderly care and specialist care facilities. Although she now resides in York, Tara still has business interests in London and nationwide, including the Lake District and Cheshire.

Tara brings a wealth of experience and best practice to the Galtres Development board regarding development and institutional investment. She is passionate about sustainability and environmental impact, urban design and creating new homes which not only look world class, but are also affordable to working families, older persons and the wider sale market.

She believes passionately that the Galtres Garden village concept can bring forward great homes so that the people who live in York can stay in York. She believes that the project can become a huge asset to the City, bringing new income from Council tax and lowering costs for the City since the older persons accommodation can help to relieve some of the spend pressure in older person’s care.

Peter Smith

Peter set up his first business as a Chartered Surveyor progressing into commercial and retail property development. A successful entrepreneur and businessman, Peter and his family have always lived locally to York and he has contributed to the professional marketplace over many years.

In 1983, Peter was invited by Bass, the Brewers, to form a joint Property Development Company, and their first development was to acquire the site of what has become the Monks Cross Shopping Centre, building commencing with Sainsbury’s and Asda supermarkets, and giving rise to the extensive retail shopping destination which we have there today.

More recently Peter has turned his focus on creating accommodation for older persons retirement and nursing homes and this is a critical element that he brings to the Galtres Garden Village masterplan.

As an active cyclist and sportsman Peter supports the designs for Galtres Garden Village to incorporate cycle and walking tracks so that pedestrians and cyclists can still enjoy the countryside environment in a safe Garden village community.

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